Founded in 2014, Pure Polish has been created by people with decades of experience in the industry.  Our recipes are based on traditional ingredients and methods known to perform impeccably.  Since more people are returning to traditional methods of finishing furniture based on the wonderful properties of beeswax, we have created a range of waxes and polishes that achieve this using environmentally sound ingredients. We aim to dispel the myth that just because a product is environmentally-friendly, it is therefore somehow inferior to its competitors. Our values however, extend further than just the manufacturer of exceptional product; we strive to offer customer support that is second-to-none.

The Pure Polish range of waxes and oils are 100% Australian owned and made. We pride ourselves on using raw materials of the highest quality (often food grade) and where possible, sourced locally. We do not use any petro-chemicals or silicone. All of our solvents are plant-based, either gum turpentine (derived from pine trees) or citrus turpenes (derived from the peels of citrus fruit). Only the very best waxes are used in our formulations including food-grade beeswax, carnauba wax, EcoSoya wax (sustainable wax only available from the USA) and candelilla wax. Wherever possible, we use packaging that is recyclable. Our workplace practices support our ethos of minimum environmental impact.

At this stage, Pure Polish products are only available through our online store.