A little about waxes & oils

Slate and Marble Floors – Pure Polish Slate and Marble Polish is easy to apply and buffs to a very high sheen due to the richness of beeswax and carnauba wax in its formula.

Timber Floors – Pure Polish offers to options for waxed timber floors. Firstly, our Satin Sheen Floor Polish, which is a beeswax-based penetrating polish, nourishes dry timber and imparts a satin sheen when buffed. Enhances the natural grain and disguises scuffs and scratches. Secondly, our  High Sheen Floor Polish can be used over the Satin Sheen Floor Polish to create a high sheen finish or on its own over a previously waxed or oiled floor. Both the Satin Sheen and the High Sheen Floor Polishes can be applied using an electric floor polisher in two stages. Simply scrape out a small quantity from the tin and apply to the brushes, and spread over the floor. Then, change to buffing pads and polish back. Take care not to over-use; the finish should be very smooth and touch dry. The High Sheen Floor Polish hardens quite quickly, so it is advisable to polish only about 20 square metres at a time.